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Famatech releases new version of Advanced IP Scanner 2.4


Famatech, the developer of a popular remote control software, has released a new version of the free network utility tool Advanced IP Scanner.

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4 is a new version of the fast, easy-to-use and reliable IP scanner for Windows. This free utility allows the user to collect information on all the devices connected to the network and get easy access to their resources, such as shared folders, HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, etc. Advanced IP Scanner allows remote access to the computers via RDP and Radmin.

The updated Advanced IP Scanner version simplifies local networks management for system administrators. The new version includes the ability to determine the operating system on computers in the network, networking devices type (router, printer, etc.), as well as the names and versions of HTTP and FTP services. Moreover, the ability to set up custom software for launching FTP, HTTP, Telnet has been added.

Advanced IP Scanner - Main Window

Advanced IP Scanner 2.4

To download the new Advanced IP Scanner 2.4 and learn more about this product, please visit:

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